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New South Wales
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PumpAir Solutions are authorised distributors for Gardner Denver and sell their Septic Air blowers, Roots Air Blowers, side channel blowers, Sutorbilt blowers, Claw vacuum pumps, Vacfox rotary vane vacuum pumps. We also represent Emtivac Engineering's FPZ Blowers, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and systems. Complete range of Busch Vacuum pumps like rotary vane vacuum pumps, dry running vacuum pumps, side channel blowers are selected to meet customer's typical plant requirements.PumpAir Solutions also manufacture medical vacuum systems and transformer drying systems.Repair kits for Thomas Yasunaga LP60A, LP70H and LP 80HN septic tank blowers.Nitto Septic aerators, Septic air pumps and septic blowers of Techno Takasuki, Hiblow, Thomas Yasunaga, Nitto are all available with Major repair kits for HP60, HP80, LA80 Blowers which replace all septic aerator pumps and Air Blowers .

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Company description
PumpAir Solutions- Complete Consultative solutions for Blowers, Vacuum systems and Compressors
With decades of experience in Blowers, Compressors and Vacuum Pump technologies we are all set to become one of the most experienced Blower & Vacuum specialist company in Australia, building a reputation for quality and innovation.
This specialist approach, combined with our representation of some of the world's leading vacuum and oil-free air manufacturers, ensures you receive expert attention and advice at all times. Our goal is customer satisfaction through innovative and effective solutions. We stand by our recommendations.
The reason PumpAir Solutions can offer you an ideal cost effective solution, is its comprehensive product range. We have access to some of the biggest, most respected brand names in the industry worldwide. Millions of other businesses rely on names like Gardner Denver, Thomas Industries, Pedro Gil, Busch, FPZ, Pompetrivani – and you can too.
This infrastructure means that you have the benefit of local support with international technical back-up. Of course Australian conditions can differ markedly from conditions overseas. That’s why we offer you the Australian advantage. Our qualified Engineers come to you to assess your problem, your site and your expectations. We then match your application against our competitive product listing to find the solution that will work best for you.
System Design- Tailored to your needs
We at PumpAir Solutions are committed to meeting your total needs by designing a system that meets your exact requirements. Over the years we have harnessed cutting edge research and technology to become a major player in vacuum engineering. As such, we can offer many standard and custom systems for special applications.
What you can expect
on-site consultation to prepare equipment requirements and specification
establishment of exact technical specifications
ongoing consultation, feedback and partnership.


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