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New Generation of iPhone is Stupendous with its Winning Features

8 months ago

The tech gargantuan Apple has made the entire world tech savvy. After all, it’s every device has the competency to grab everyone’s attention. Whether it is a Mac PC, iPad, or an iPhone device, people always seem ready to welcome every new generation of Apple’s devices. iPhone lures the people most due to its appealing and eccentric beauty.

Every generation of Apple’s smartphone comes with some improvements in design, hardware and software. But, the recent launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus made me little disappointed from removing the headphone jack. However, the world is welcoming this dramatic removal and seems more curious to buy new Apple mobile, which is considered as the best smartphone in the world and I do believe so. So, let’s take a look why everyone finds it the best smartphone ever.

Apple iPhone 7 Gold 256 GB

Let’s begin with the performance, skipping other improvements first. Everyone expects for the splendid performance from an iPhone device for what it is meant to, after all. And, we cannot doubt for the efficiency Apple gives to its every new generation of iPhone with a new chipset. In the new iPhone devices, you will find A10 Fusion chip with more improved performance than predecessors.

The massive battery also makes your handset run longer and I would thank the company for making it, and of course to the person who brought the idea of killing headphone jack which has helped engineers making the battery bigger and powerful- the worthy upgrade to look for. The new devices have also gone water resistant with IP67 certification.

The camera upgrade has created a big hoopla around the world and that’s what we can say it a compelling upgrade to create such a big hoopla. If you are a shutterbug and are used to of Instagram, then this is the perfect handset for you to give you DSLR-like results with 12MP sensor.

Apple iPhone 7 Silver 32 GB

On the Plus model, you will find a magical dual camera module. One is the same 12MP sensor and another is a telephoto lens to provide 2x optical zoom results while taking pictures- another winning feature in tech juggernaut’s biggest product. Well, lots of other features are also there to entice shutterbugs in the list of camera features, including optical image stabilization, wide-angle lens, ƒ/1.8 aperture (for rear camera), telephoto lens with ƒ/2.8 aperture, and ƒ/2.2 aperture (for FaceTime camera).

What you think can best meet your luxury and fit in your budget? Well, the 4-7-inch iPhone 7 model is good enough to satisfy you in every manner and can be gripped in hand more easily than the Plus model.  Overall, the tech giant has upgraded two important integrations, the camera and battery, and made a perfect device to taste. 
You have stereo speakers too integrated in the iPhone 7 and a revolutionary storage upgrade of 256GB has come into the mobile industry. So, you won’t be regretting for not having a microSD card slot at all. New antennas on the rear looks appealing and don’t even ruin the aesthetic of this luxury handset. For making it aesthetically more perfect, company has also brought two new colors- the Black and Jet Black. However, the Jet Black is less prone to scratches.

These are the major improvements, Apple has introduced into its new generation of iPhone. So, if you are thinking to buy Apple mobile online, then you can choose any of the new iPhone models which attract you most in aesthetic, specs, and price as well. Additionally, there are several other changes and improvements which are though not huge to discuss in detail. For instance, the display has gone more colorful and bright with wide color gamut. The iOS 10 is amazing with improved and new features. You will also get the EarPods with lightning connector to enjoy music on fullest.

Eventually, you have a great device to experience, loaded with splendid hardware and software specs. And if you have ample money to spend on a premium handset, then it would be the best choice for you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is Remarkable with Winning Features


The South Korean juggernaut has made the whole world surprised in the year of 2016 by learning from all its previous mistakes. It has revamped the beautiful design of its previous flagship and corrected every wrong to build a new success story with the new flagship, i.e.  Galaxy S7.

The Samsung has proved its winning capability, adding the next iteration of Galaxy flagship in the fray of several other flagships. It is though four months old, but still has such features that can compete against the recently-announced handsets.

If you are searching for a perfect Android smartphone, which can comfort you while holding in hands and attract you with astounding built and camera, then you should buy Samsung Galaxy S7.


There is no major change in aesthetics from Galaxy S6, but you can feel comfortable handling the device in one hand. You can access notifications easily and lock the screen more conveniently than other bigger smartphones. Gorilla Glass 4 coating on the front and rear panel make this handset sturdy and a metal rim beneath the panels makes the device aesthetically beautiful. You can see the slight curve on the sides which gives this handset a soft feel. Perfect balance of glass and metal in its body can melt you down for its preciousness and uniqueness.


You have a 5.1-inch QHD display adorned by Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology. However, you have new Always-on display this time. This AMOLED screen eases users by showing only few pixels on the screen. You can also see the notifications from a few apps. These notifications will appear when the display will be off. Unfortunately, you can only check Samsung’s own Email, message and Phone apps alert.

Camera Specifics:

Anyone can vouch for the Samsung’s quality in its camera module. You can capture your every moment very quickly with double-tap shortcut on the home button. This quick capturing won’t affect the quality at all. You can experience incredibly beautiful pictures with its 12MP OIS rear snapper and 5MP front shooter.

Samsung always spruces up their high-end devices with own TouchWiz skin. The same you can find here on top of the Android 6.0.1 Mashmallow. The in-house Exynos 8890 octa-core SoC can clock at up to 2.6GHz. 4GB RAM on the other side is enough to smooth the execution of multiple applications without affecting the performance.

The new feature of Mashmallow has made the data swapping simple. The 4G LTE connectivity allows Australian users to download data at the theoretical speed of up to 600Mbps and suggests for the uploading speed of up to 150Mbps. In this Samsung device, everything seems perfect in execution, including the device-unlocking from fingerprint scanner.

Water Resistance:

If you are going to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 online, then make sure about its water-resistant certification. This is the best part of this Korean tech giant’s every high-end product. The company blesses its high-end devices with water-resistant capability. Samsung always keeps the safety of their handsets on top and hence, we have got the opportunity to see the IP68 certification for this flagship.

There are lots of plus factors which can make this flagship your choice, despite the heavy price tag. But, you can find several online stores which can help you, offering some great deals or discounts on the purchase from BecexTech Australia.