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The Main Reasons To Store Your Precious Wines In A Wine Storage Facility


If you are a connoisseur of wine, you must have a good collection of red and white wines. Also, you must be aware of the importance of storing your drinks under the right conditions to preserve its quality and taste. Most homeowners build a cellar at home to house their wine collection. The problem however arises when relocating to a new house. You require a temporary vault where you can store bottles effectively without altering the taste, color or texture of the contents.

This is where a wine storage facility comes in. These are self-storage units let out on a rental basis. Wine storage facilities come with special features that make them the best option for preserving precious wines. We’ve discussed the main ones below.

Climate Controlled Storage:
Wines need to be stored at consistent temperatures between 12° and 16°. Temperature fluctuations, heating followed by cooling, changes the taste of the drink. Homeowners usually invest in a wine refrigerator for the purpose. Climate controlled wine storage creates the perfect environment by keeping the temperatures constant inside the storage unit. Also, different wines need to be stored at different temperatures and climate controlled storage units fulfill this requirement.

Humidity Settings:
Temperature is easier to maintain, but humidity is a tricky aspect. Wine storage requires just the right amount of atmospheric humidity. Excess humidity or air moisture promotes mold growth while low humidity within the storage chamber breaks the natural cork seal. Not only does the wine leak out, the entry of air into the bottle increases fermentation giving it a vinegar-like acidic taste.

A decent amount of air flow prevents the formation of the mold and mildew. Despite the compact appearance of the wine storage units, there is decent amount of ventilation giving the wine a fresh flavor and also ensuring that the cork doesn’t rot.

The sturdy construction of wine storage units make it worth the money paid in rental charges. The unit is enclosed on all sides thus protects the items within from external elements such as rain, snow, dust and sunlight. Not many know that exposure to sunlight causes wine to age prematurely. UV exposure brings about the degradation of organic compounds such as Tannin. This organic compound is responsible for the structure, flavor and aroma of the extract. In the absence of this organic compound, wine loses its texture and tastes flat. Storage units whether they are food and drinks or other household items such as furniture are usually built above flood line. The metal and concrete constructions keep pests and vermin out.

A wine collection is as precious to a collector as antique or heirloom pieces. Hence, they not only want to make sure their drinks are stored under suitable conditions but also in safe hands. Video surveillance, PIN access, key codes and sensor lighting are some of the security features put into place to preserve and protect your collection. In some cases you are given complete charge of the self storage unit containing your wine collection; only you have the keys to your cellar.

Besides, the features mentioned above wine storage facilities are constantly monitored. Also, most of them allow owners to access their collection whenever they want.

Why You Need To Use Protected Self Storage Facility


There are numerous reasons when you need self storage units. Here below are mentioned some instances wherein you will require using generic self storage facility.

When You Carry On Renovation Work or Build New House - You Need Temporary Storage Space:
When you are renovating your old home or constructing entirely new home, you will need storage facility for storing your possessions while the renovation or construction work is in progress. Thus, self storage facility protects your belongings during the interim period.

When Changes Take Place in Your Life:
Suppose, you get a job transfer or a new job in a different place or you lose the current job and temporarily you have to vacate your quarters, all of these can lead to the requirement for a self storage unit.

You Don't Require Everything with You All the Time:
You can store your archived data or documents and your precious wine at an external self storage unit. You get the perfect condition in self storage units for storing your precious wine. Suppose you operate a small business from your home, you will need to store all of your documents and invoices on file for a definite time period (for legal/ taxation need). In such a case, self storage is a good option where you can store all your archived documents and other stuff for the required time period (as compared to storing them in one or two big filing cabinets in your home) at a cheaper cost so that you can make room for another desk for your assistant, or for a bookshelf for keeping reference materials, or for a more attractive and pleasing office, in case your business demands that your clients visit you often.

For Storing Your Recreational Vehicle:
Suppose, you have a motorbike, quad bike or boat, which you use just on the weekends to get that little fun and thrill, and you happen to live in a densely located city area and don't have enough space to keep it near your apartment. Also, it is risky to park it on the street, where it could be stolen and insurance costs are hefty as there is a higher probability of possible theft. Thus, it's cheaper to store it in a self storage options. The cost of insurance for parking the item in a protected self storage unit is much lower than it would be when your boat or trailer is parked on the street. There are several self storage facilities available, wherein you just have to pay for the vehicle when it remains actually in the storage and you don't have to pay for the weekends, when you take it and use.

The above mentioned are not the only reasons wherein a self storage facility is required, but there exist many more circumstances wherein you would require a secure generic self storage facility. It all actually depends on your different life situations that might force you to make use of a protected self storage facility.